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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chest Expander

My chest has been overflowing with anger since noon today. It is getting tighter since then as the minutes passed. Unless the issue is quickly resolved, I may just explode anytime. All I can say is stop touching my personal belongings and placing them elsewhere!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Job References!!

Doing Business

Okay, I am trying to set up my own business. I gave myself 6 months to make it happen. Evaluating progress so far, I would probably need another 6 months above the 2 months I had already spent ...

Risk Taker??

In face of the economic downturn, I am still trying to make this business venture happen. Giving myself 6 months is already a significant risk. It is a good time to manage my risks.

Looking for Jobs!!

Therefore, I am "officially" looking for a job. If a job offer comes first, I will put aside the business venture. I am now appealing to my "audience" to let me know if you have any jobs available in your company, or through your contacts!

Drop me an email please if you do :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Continuation of Suayness

Salvation Army vs. Rain

Well, I thought I should do some good deeds to improve my Karma, so my wife and I decided to donate the speakers to the Salvation Army. I managed to move the 2 boxes of speakers (the heavier huger and weighing 22 kilos) into my car. The day was bright and sunny as I headed to Praiseheaven branch of the Salvation Army. When I reached the place, I stepped out of my car into the warm sun in my face. Then I opened my back door to remove the huge speakers. Suddenly, it rained heavily - continuation of yesterday's story ... in the rain I moved the other speakers to the donation corner, rushed into the car and drove home. It was raining heavily still when I reached home but the moment I stepped into the house, the rain stopped completely.

So I visited the "Four Horse" Road Guan Yin temple to pray my streak of bad luck away. I strongly look forward to better days ahead!!!

Never Been So Suay & Stupid In My Life

Stupidity and Suayness

Why suay? I went to Suntec City today, and was stopped by a couple of fellas in a van asking me about purchasing a home theatre system. The claimed thattheir China worker loaded extras into the van thanthey were supposed to deliver. Normally, I would just say "No" and walk away. Today, I was stupid enough to see the goods and make a ridiculous offer of $400 bucks for a system supposedly worth $3000. Before I agreed, I tried calling the 2 "audio experts" I know, but Paul was overseas (so I hung up), while I could not get hold of Shawn. Anyway, thats my maximum tolerance of being conned and they took it. And yes, I know it sounds dumb to have a maximum "con threshold". So, I was conned of $400 bucks for a system that is probably worth about $250. Probably it was because I was rushing for a dinner appointment, but again its a dumb excuse ... anyway, my phone hung on me during dinner - it was only after dinner before I got it running again ...

After dinner, I wanted to tell my wife about it and be scolded for my stupidity. I never felt so dumb in my life before. However, I had to send my dinner partner back to office before I could call my wife to remonstrate my idiocracy. And so I did, and was given a deserved lecture.

Then I reached home, thinking forget it, how bad can things get. The moment I stepped out of the car and moved the smaller speakers box out, it started to rain extremely heavily on me!!! Nevermind, I ran in the rain with my laptop and speakers back home. Guess what, the lift at my block was stuck at the 2nd floor and refused to come down for me so I had to walk the flight of stairs back home ... bad luck again ...

My luck was so good that Shawn called me just as I was opening the door and rushing into my wife's warm embrace. That call delayed my hug for a good 30 minutes ....

As I was changing, my Hugo Boss belt buckle broke into 2 pieces. Excellent! My favorite working belt died on me ... Then the phone rang ... bad news on the phone I should not mention here ... The day did not end here, I had to drive off somewhere to address the bad news and got home almost midnight. Guess what, I forgot to take my new book out of the car ...

This day of suayness and stupidity is 21st May 2008, the day that I was supposed to be getting my pay, but it was delayed until the following week because 26th May would be my last day of work in my current company. Neverthesless, I know this day of stupidity and suayness will allow me to grow a little smarter, and the incense between my eyes from my mother-in-law would have ridden me of the streak of back luck hounding me